Fox Pool Accessories
Let Modern Technology Keep Your Pool Clean So You Don't Have To!
Reduce Your Work Load by 85 to 99%

With In-Floor Automatic Cleaning Systems

What This Means to You:

Cut Your Work Load 85 to 99%!
By keeping your pool floor clean, and keeping dirt and debris in circulation, your pool is automatically kept clean. You spend less time vacuuming, making weekly cleaning chores a thing of the past.

Cut Your Chemical Costs By 30% to 35%
The In-Floor System assures more efficient chemical distribution because chemicals are introduced throughout the floor of the pool instead of a single location on top of the water. The result is more effective chemical use and lower chemical costs.

Cut Energy Costs -- Especially Heating Costs -- By 33% to 35%
With an In-Floor System, heated water enters the pool from the very bottom. Because heat always rises, this assures fast, even dispersion of heated water throughout the entire pool. Your heating source runs fewer hours and you enjoy a thoroughly heated pool. And, you save valuable heating dollars! For even more energy savings, combine the In-Floor System with a Heat Pump. Compared to a natural gas heater and no In-Floor System, you'll save up to 40% on your energy usage with a pay back period of only about 5 years!

By Fox World Famous X-Brace Swimming Pools

& A few of the Many Fox Pool Accessories to Enhance Your Pool From Fox and Swim World

Socializer SPAS Enhances Fox Pools

Buddy Seat In-Pool Lounge Center for two with umbrella and jets




Waterfall Spa Waterfall spa and wading pool all in one!



Fox Walk-In Stairs Straight or Curved designs




Fox Sweep Automatic pool cleaner





Wall Pak In-ground Filtration Center-Fits below deck. No backwashing



Plus you will find additional accessories stocked in our Swansea Store. You are welcome to stop by with your family. Visit with our pool specialist and let us help you with planning your dreams.


  • Automatic pool controls
  • Underwater and perimeter lighting
  • In-wall ladders
  • Stainless steel or all-white rails
  • Tile/Coping systems
  • Filters and pumps
  • Heaters
  • Fox exercise Ballet Bar
  • Lot's more!

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