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Swim World Pools is Proud to offer Safety Pool Covers From Loop-Loc!

Loop-Loc Official Website is www.looploc.com

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BefAft.jpg (77820 bytes)A Loop-Loc Safety Swimming Pool Cover is strong enough to support "Bubbles," an African elephant. So you know it's certainly strong enough to protect your family.

Imagine what would happen if we put an ordinary solid pool cover to the test you see on the picture at left.

Safety so unique, it's patented. With a minimum break strength of 125,000 pounds, LOOP-LOC is the strongest pool cover you can buy.And the smartest. Because only LOOP-LOC comes with the patented * SAFEDGEΠand GAPGUARDΠChild Safety Intrusion Barrier that closes the dangerous gap between raised obstructions and the cover's edge. There's no way children or pets can slip through!

Put an end to the slimy swamp in your backyard. Solid pool covers allow rain, dirt and debris to collect on top. After just a few rains, they become a slippery swamp-and a real hazard to anyone wandering onto them. A LOOP-LOC safety cover is different. Its fine mesh allows rain to drain right through. The cover stays dry, so leaves and debris simply blow away! 

No more back-breaking maintenance. A solid cover sentences you to hard labor-constant pumping, scrubbing, powdering and hauling heavy water bags. A LOOP-LOC requires no pumping or heavy maintenance. It goes on and off your pool in a snap, with LOOP-LOC's unique brass anchoring system. And once you remove the cover, the anchors fit flush with the deck!


Nothing fits- or looks better. Unlike saggy, unsightly solid covers, a LOOP-LOC stays tight, clean and beautiful on your pool. LOOP-LOC's exclusive Auto-CAD computer design assures a perfect, custom fit for any shape or size pool. You choose the color that best blends with your backyard-standard green or one of three optional colors.

The best warranty in the business. A LOOP-LOC cover is so durable, it's backed by an exclusive 10 year Limited Warranty. During that time, your soild cover would have to be replaced three or four times!


It's not a LOOP-LOC unless you see the name right on the cover!

Don't be fooled by the imitations! Only a genuine LOOP-LOC gives you the unmatched beauty, fit, strength and safety of a LOOP-LOC! Built with no compromises, no excuses. Look for the LOOP-LOC name woven right into the webbing...and accept no substitutes!

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GET THE WHOLE STORY...Come into SWIM WORLD and ask for a copy of LOOP-LOC's free Video. You'll see "Bubbles" the Elephant take her walk on a LOOP-LOC protected pool, and watch as an ace detective" uncovers" all the clues to LOOP-LOC's superiority. Or call 1-800-LOC-LOOP.

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